How Even a Malfunction is No Excuse for an Accident

Malfunctions happen all the time, and it is impossible for everything to be created absolutely perfectly every time, especially when thousands and thousands of these parts are made every day. Even our DNA malfunctions sometimes and produces errors, and most of them are harmless. Of course, even if something is made perfectly, nothing is meant to last forever, and all cars will have to have parts replaced. However, some malfunctions can be deadly, especially when parts malfunction in 80,000-pound metal vehicles traveling at highway speed. Because of this, it is important that older trucks are retired and that current trucks are properly maintained.

In a large semi truck, there are many opportunities for things to break down and fail, and this website lists the three most common reasons a semi truck may break down. The first one is linked to issues with tires and brakes. Since commercial trucks regularly clock in hundreds of thousands of more miles than a normal passenger vehicle, tires and brakes are worn down much more quickly. According to the site, one of the biggest reasons a semi-truck driver might call roadside assistance is because the tires are not inflated enough. The second leading cause of semi truck breakdown is an engine failure. Most of the time, when an engine failure occurs, it is a sign that the entire truck will have to be retired since replacing the engine or parts of it is much more difficult than replacing an engine in a normal passenger vehicle. The final most common reason a semi truck will malfunction and break down is electric failure. There are tons of small electronic parts that will eventually degrade and make the performance of the truck worse, which could lead to accidents down the road. These issues can be particularly difficult to spot during routine maintenance.

Often, a transportation company will make it the responsibility of the driver to make sure everything on the truck is maintained properly and that no parts are deformed. Considering how many other things they have to worry about, I think it ought to fall to the transportation company itself that performs checks on these trucks to make sure they are up to safety standards so that no more lives are endangered. In addition, older trucks should likely be retired sooner so that engine and brake failure characteristic of older vehicles are not able to cause accidents.

Unfortunately, it is usually not clear from first glance that an accident was caused by a malfunction, especially if the truck sustained severe damage in the crash. The driver of the truck may be blamed for the crash when it was really due to a manufacturer’s oversight, or the transportation company trying to squeeze a few more years out of a truck that should be scrapped. According to truck accident lawyers like Habush, residents in Milwaukee can make receive compensation from the driver who hurt those who were involved or injured in the accident.

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