Personal Injuries

Exposure to Toxic Substances

Large, heavy equipment and sharp tools are not the only sources of danger in construction sites. Construction site owners, managers and workers may not be totally aware of it, but substances that workers are regularly exposed to can also prove harmful to workers’ health as these can cause in them a deadly, chronic disease that will keep them out of work, require continuous medical treatment and alter the way they ...

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Damages from Amputation Injuries

Damages from Amputation Injuries Amputation is the removal of a body part, such as the fingers, hands, feet, and even bigger body parts like arms and legs. Amputation injuries are some of the worst injuries one can sustain, because they can greatly affect the lives of the victims. According to the website of this Toronto personal injury lawyer, those who have sustained amputation injuries may get compensation. But what exactly are the ...

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Construction Accident Dangers

Having a job is important to support yourself and your family. Some jobs, such as an office job, possess low risks. Other jobs are associated with high risks and dangerous work environments. Construction workers experience hazardous conditions in their daily working life when at construction sites. With so many different machines, people, and actions being performed, it’s easy for accidents to occur. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), ...

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