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Am I Eligible to Claim for Unpaid Overtime?

Posted on Mar 5, 2015 by in Rules of Employment | 0 comments

There are one hundred and sixty eight hours in a week. At least sixty of those hours are spent for sleeping or resting or eating. Forty of those hours, for an adult, are dedicated for work. There are some workers in the United States who rely upon an hourly wage and spend a lot of time dedicating themselves to their work for minimum wage.

Some workers all over the world choose to put in more than enough hours every week in order to earn more money. Debt and taxes seem to be a truth that most people of America are more than used to that these burdens can even fall upon the shoulders of teenagers, people who should still be in school. It has been a difficult last few decades, economically speaking, and people are still trying to patch themselves back up by sacrificing the extra crucial hours that could be otherwise used for mental and psychological relief.

Sometimes, the difficulties are rewarded – as is mandated by overtime laws. However, not every employer can see in the same way and not every employee is aware of his or her rights regarding these matters. It is quite the technical process, making it arduous and very stressful.

It can be difficult to ascertain if you even qualify for unpaid overtime or have a valid wage dispute. The website of Cary Kane says that the procedure is notably technical with “many significant exemptions.” Putting in so many hours and sacrificing health and sleep in order to earn more just to keep personal affects and food in their own and their family’s bellies is no laughing matter – and yet many claim that the system is a joke.

This does not have to be true when legitimate, specialized help is sought out. If you or someone you know is in a situation of a similar nature, it is highly recommended that legal services are acquired in order to attain the best possible representation in a court of law – assuring you of the payment that you have more than rightly earned.

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