4 Things Everyone Ought to Know Before Getting a Speeding Ticket

You’re driving down the highway, and all of a sudden, you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You just received a speeding ticket! The officer tells you that he will let you go with just a warning if you can sign it there on the spot. But what happens when it’s not so easy? What do you do next? That is precisely what we are here for. We will discuss four things everyone ought to know before getting their speeding ticket dismissed with the help of an attorney:

1- Know Your Rights:

The officer can’t make you sign the ticket. You have a right to refuse to sign it, but this could lead to more trouble with law enforcement because they might think that you must be hiding something if you’re not willing to admit your guilt and take responsibility for what happened.

2- Get A Lawyer To Fight For You:

A traffic violation lawyer with relevant experience and understanding of how these matters need to be handled can help you to fight the ticket and get it dismissed in a hassle-free way. They will take care of all aspects that require legal expertise, such as filing a motion for dismissal with the court if your case is eligible.

3- Attend Traffic School:

In some states, you can attend traffic school instead of going to court and paying a fine. This is an option that might be worth exploring if it’s available since attending traffic school will usually result in the dismissal of your violation without any other penalties or fees.

4- Appeal Your Ticket:

If your violation is eligible for an appeal, this will involve submitting a written request to the court with the intent of having your case heard by a judge. This option may be worth exploring if you’re not happy with the outcome from the traffic school or are unable to go because of time constraints and other obligations.

So, keep these four crucial steps from¬†Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates in mind in case you are issued a speeding ticket ever. If you follow them carefully and take the necessary action without losing your cool, you’ll not have to face any troubles at any stage.

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