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Damages from Amputation Injuries

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Damages from Amputation Injuries

Amputation is the removal of a body part, such as the fingers, hands, feet, and even bigger body parts like arms and legs. Amputation injuries are some of the worst injuries one can sustain, because they can greatly affect the lives of the victims.

According to the website of this Toronto personal injury lawyer, those who have sustained amputation injuries may get compensation. But what exactly are the damages associated with amputation injuries that make them life-altering?

Medical costs

If you have been involved in an accident and required amputation, such as from getting involved in a car accident or getting pinned in a machine, you will likely need assistance from medical professionals, confinement in hospitals, and rehabilitative procedures. These require a significant amount of money.

Lost wages

Medical costs are not just the financial damages associated with amputations. Patients may also lose time at work because of their prolonged hospital stays and limited physical capabilities. While they are losing time at work, they are not earning money for themselves and their families, giving them more financial burdens to overcome.

Limited employment opportunities

The amputation may also make the patient too limited to do the job that he knows. For example, an architect or a surgeon who has lost both hands may not be able to perform the tasks needed for their jobs. The same thing can be said for athletes that have lost their lower extremities. Amputated patients may need to learn a new skill if they cannot overcome the job burdens of their physical limitations.

Limited recreational opportunities

Amputated patients may also have limited opportunities for recreation. They may not be able to fully indulge in physically demanding sports, such as basketball, football, and even swimming and diving, if their amputated parts play a significant role in effectively doing these activities.

Pain and suffering

The physical pain of amputations and their possible medical complications like infections may be too much for the patients. They may also suffer from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other emotional and psychological responses to amputations, especially if the amputations have resulted from the negligence of somebody else.

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Types of Breach of Contract

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When two parties enter a contract, they enter a binding agreement once they affix their signatures. By signing the document, the two parties become aware of the potential consequences when they violate the terms of the contract. When one of the parties breaks the agreement, there is a breach of contract. According to the website of Slater Pugh, Ltd. LLP, breach of contract carries huge penalties which could end up in a legal dispute.

A breach happens when one of the parties involved in the contract does not hold their end of the agreement. For example, when a seller sells a sub-standard item or does not deliver on time, he breaches the contract. If a car needs to be repaired while still under warranty and the shop does not repair the car, there is a breach of contract. There are several ways for a breach to happen:

Material Breach

This happens when one of the important elements of the agreement is not followed. A customer who gets a computer package but only received a monitor cannot sue the company because they still fulfilled their part of the contract.

Minor Breach

Let us say that the seller of the computer above delivered a whole package but some pages of the user manual were missing, there would be no breach involved. Instead the said company must remedy the situation.

Anticipatory Breach

From the word itself, there is anticipation that one of the parties involved will not be fulfilling their side of the contract. Just like minor breach, the erring party must need to remedy the breach.

Actual Breach

This is when one of the parties does not completely deliver on their side of the agreement.

Remedies For Breach

There are several remedies available in a breach of contract

  • Compensatory Damages – the party who breached shall pay a certain amount to reimburse the cost and compensate for the losses
  • Consequential and Incidental Damages – this is given to the parties involved who have knowledge of potential losses should the breach of contract is acknowledged
  • Liquidated Damages –these are damages stipulated in the contract
  • Punitive Damages is money awarded to the plaintiff for the action of the defendant
  • Attorney’s Fees can be paid to the legal representatives when expressly indicated in the contract or authorized by statute

Construction Accident Dangers

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Having a job is important to support yourself and your family. Some jobs, such as an office job, possess low risks. Other jobs are associated with high risks and dangerous work environments. Construction workers experience hazardous conditions in their daily working life when at construction sites. With so many different machines, people, and actions being performed, it’s easy for accidents to occur.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 4,679 workers were killed on the job in 2014. Accidents at a construction site could not only affect workers, but innocent passersby as well. If someone onsite acts negligently, it could result in devastating consequences. Knowing the high risks associated with construction work, onsite workers, construction management companies, and manufactures of construction equipment should diligently work together to assure the safety within the construction site.

Unfortunately, precaution isn’t always taken as thoroughly as it should be. Injury or even death could occur from a construction accident. Construction sites are naturally unsafe; an environment where every action that happens should be taken with caution, considering the frequent work that is done with dangerous tools and machines. Without proper adherence to safety protocols, many dangerous consequences could occur. According to the Cazayoux Ewing Law Firm, some of the most common causes for accidents and consequential results are as follows:

  • Equipment malfunction
  • Employer negligence
  • Slip and fall
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Lifting injuries
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Amputations
  • Wrongful death

The results that follow these injuries are not only physically and emotionally traumatic; they can result in loss of wages due to not being able to work. The financial burden can grow quickly.

Healthcare Fraud: Unjustly Compromising the Integrity of all Healthcare Providers

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Healthcare fraud or health insurance fraud is one type of criminal activity that continues to be a threat to the financial aspect of different programs of the government. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is the prime agency responsible in exposing and investigating health care fraud in federal and private insurance programs, says that healthcare fraud costs the US tens of billions of dollars each year. To be able to identify and arrest, especially the most aggressive offenders, therefore, the FBI works determinedly with the help of local, state, and federal agencies, and private investigative associations, units, and insurance national groups.

Healthcare fraud can be committed through different ways, including: filing claims for treatments that are actually never performed; making claims for illnesses or injuries that do not really exist; fabricating names when filing insurance claims; over-charging the government for treatments provided to patients; filing claims for non-existent medical supplies; and, resorting to “rolling lab schemes,” wherein Medicare and insurance companies are billed for needless and, sometimes, bogus tests provided to retirement homes residents, health club patrons, and people in shopping malls (to make these tests appear legit, physicians’ signatures are often faked).

A number of nursing home facilities have also been found guilty of healthcare fraud, after they have been proven to be charging Medicare and Medicaid huge bills for what they claim as quality care for residents. All these facilities have shown, however, are clear elderly abuse and neglect committed through inadequate or unhealthy food, unhygienic and unsafe environment, lack of staff, little air conditioning or heat inside the facility, mildew, molds, rodents and insects everywhere, claims for patients who have already died or who do not exist at all, falsely placing residents under very high billing classifications, using inferior medical equipment, giving residents cheap and less-effective medicine while claiming payment for branded medication and high-quality service, and so forth.

Due to the greed of a few groups and erring medical professionals, the integrity of all healthcare providers is compromised, while the safety of thousands of patients put at risk. Despite the dedication of authorities and prosecutors in catching offenders, their overzealousness, sometimes, render them ending up running after innocent healthcare providers. In certain situations these authorities exaggerate the extent of the fraudulent acts of those that they arrest, unmindful of the damaging effects that an exaggerated accusation can cause these healthcare providers.

As stated in the webpage of the Yvonne Fraser Law Office, being accused of healthcare fraud, whether based on bogus billing or any other fraudulent medical act, puts one at the risk of losing his or her professional license. The webpage, however, also makes clear that, through the help of a highly-skilled criminal law attorney, the person under investigation may have the acquittal that he or she truly deserves.

His/Her license is a professional’s life; losing it because of a petty mistake or wrong accusation can cause a devastating blow to one’s future. There are thousands of criminal law attorneys in the US; however, there may only be a handful who may be able to provide the kind of legal help that is really necessary.

Severe Morning Sickness

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Morning sickness can be defined as the bouts of nausea and vomiting experienced by pregnant women in their first trimester of pregnancy. This is a perfectly normal part of any pregnancy and if experienced normally should not be cause for alarm. However, a severe version of this can result in a medical condition which is not normal and should be treated by a medical professional before it poses a threat to the health of both the mother and her child. Severe morning sickness, known by its medical term “hyperemesis gravidarum” is a medical condition in which a pregnant mother experiences excessive vomiting multiple times a day. This can result in weight loss and puts the mother at risk for dehydration.

Severe morning sickness, in addition to its dangerous symptoms, also occurs on a different timeline the traditional morning sickness. Severe morning sickness can start earlier in the pregnancy and although most women will begin to feel improvements halfway through their pregnancy, some may experience this condition throughout the entirety of their pregnancy.

There is a wide range of treatments for severe morning sickness, all of which require the consultation of a medical professional. The resulting dehydration can be treated by IV fluids and any nutrient loss can be reintroduced through vitamin and nutritional supplements. Changes in diet of the mother can also help reduce the symptoms associated with severe morning sickness. In very severe cases, doctors have prescribed anti-vomiting medication to treat the symptoms of severe morning sickness. Zofran is one of the drugs that has been prescribed off-label to treat this condition. However, investigations by Zofran attorneys have raised concerns that Zofran can lead to birth defects if taken by women while pregnant. Therefore, the use of this drug for this particular treatment is highly cautioned.

What Can I Do When I Get A Disabling Injury?

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All it takes is the blink of an eye for something to happen that could take years to recover from.

Picture this: a career which you enjoy, with a skill you have been perfecting your entire life, and one that sustains yourself and your family and suddenly, due to the negligent actions (either knowingly or not) of a guilty party, is suddenly one that you can no longer do professionally? It is horrible just to imagine – like a violinist without limbs or a painter who goes blind. According to the website of the Abel Law Firm, this kind of situation constitutes as reason for a  personal injury lawsuit.

Personal injury is an area of law that allows for victims to pursue justice against offending parties who need to compensate them for the damage their actions have done. The damage done could be more than sudden physical disabilities, whether they are temporary or devastatingly permanent, can have severe psychological effects on the victim. There is also the fact that having a disability will also impact the victim’s professional capabilities, rendering him or her as unfit for work for a time, severely affecting the victim and the victim’s family’s finances. Situations like these require expert help.

If the injury sustained results into a disability, there are official procedures to follow in order to receive social security disability benefits. However, according to website of the Hankey Law Office, this process can be extremely difficult and tedious to attend to. After all, the last thing you might want to do after suffering such an unfortunate circumstance is to deal with queues and paperwork and legal issues. That is why acquiring specialist can not only be crucial in order to receive compensation and benefits but also beneficial, in a sense that it can save a lot of time, stress, and heartache in the end.

What Exactly is Patent Law and How Is It Enforced?

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During the recession, quite a lot of employees were let go from their jobs due to the introduction of the internet, as well as the advancing of technological advancements that made human effort as an obsolete model. You know what can never be replaced, however? Human ingenuity or imagination. It is a highly irreplaceable trait that many brilliant minds are capable of, as it is near the natural instinct of humans – to create, to innovate, to evolve.

Ideas, however, can be stolen – which called for the need of patents in order to protect the rights of the people who came up with it in the first place. A patent is one that protects the idea as property to its rightful inventor, ergo making him or her as the sole owner of the given idea. If anyone else were to profit or recreate the idea without permission from the owner, legal action is warranted. In this still barely stable economy, thievery and piracy of all kinds is more than rampant – ergo making the need for the enforcing of patent law just that much more necessary.

A Fort Worth patent lawyer may say, however, that the grounds for legal action with patent laws can be extremely difficult to maneuver through. The procedures can be more than difficult but also quite stressful, affecting many people. If the owners or companies in question employ a lot of people or are well known throughout the market, there is precedent for media attention, only adding more to the burden of having to go through a dilemma such as this.

Fortunately, there are lawyers who specialize in this particular branch of law. An expert in the field will allow for a smoother, more hassle-free process and is relatively more capable than one who only has a mere generalized handle for these kinds of legal issues. Patent disputes are tricky cases and no case is the same, making each claim as one that is not completely straightforward and only more burdensome to even contemplate. That is why legal advice and assistance in situations of this nature have never been more crucial.

Am I Eligible to Claim for Unpaid Overtime?

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There are one hundred and sixty eight hours in a week. At least sixty of those hours are spent for sleeping or resting or eating. Forty of those hours, for an adult, are dedicated for work. There are some workers in the United States who rely upon an hourly wage and spend a lot of time dedicating themselves to their work for minimum wage.

Some workers all over the world choose to put in more than enough hours every week in order to earn more money. Debt and taxes seem to be a truth that most people of America are more than used to that these burdens can even fall upon the shoulders of teenagers, people who should still be in school. It has been a difficult last few decades, economically speaking, and people are still trying to patch themselves back up by sacrificing the extra crucial hours that could be otherwise used for mental and psychological relief.

Sometimes, the difficulties are rewarded – as is mandated by overtime laws. However, not every employer can see in the same way and not every employee is aware of his or her rights regarding these matters. It is quite the technical process, making it arduous and very stressful.

It can be difficult to ascertain if you even qualify for unpaid overtime or have a valid wage dispute. The website of Cary Kane says that the procedure is notably technical with “many significant exemptions.” Putting in so many hours and sacrificing health and sleep in order to earn more just to keep personal affects and food in their own and their family’s bellies is no laughing matter – and yet many claim that the system is a joke.

This does not have to be true when legitimate, specialized help is sought out. If you or someone you know is in a situation of a similar nature, it is highly recommended that legal services are acquired in order to attain the best possible representation in a court of law – assuring you of the payment that you have more than rightly earned.